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- Shanghai insurance, insurance supermarket (a collection of more than 20 insurance companies' insuranc products)
- Life Insurance: Taiping Life, Tai Kang Life, AIA life , were healthy, Italy, Fidelit

- Shanghai insurance, insurance supermarket (a collection of more than 20 insurance companies' insuranc products)
- Life Insurance: Taiping Life, Tai Kang Life, AIA life , were healthy, Italy, Fidelity, Haikang so.
- Group Insurance: Royal & Sun, the Pacific, the Chinese People's Insurance, AIA, China and Thailand and so on.
- Property Insurance: Sun Alliance, AIG General Insurance, Winterthur property insurance, property insurance and so on the Pacific.
- Feature 1: I hope that the medical staff of the accident can import their own expense reimbursement medicine?
- Characteristics 2:10 10 000 heavy illness life insurance, only a few hundred pieces? Have you seen it?
- Features 3: High risk can be insured, we can hardly find a buttoned.
- Features 4: I hope you enjoy up to 10 million foreign workers over the health care you?
- Features 5: go on a trip, in case any sudden illness or accident how to fix it?

- People never forget their first day of the dream is your dream is the world's greatest thing to help others succeed!
- Child care, investment banking, major illness, accident, group insurance companies
- Qin 』『 Shanghai insurance life insurance planners in Shanghai
- Free Hotline: 13761630213, QQ: 107242375, Email: victor.qin @
- Select Insurance to love and a firm commitment!
- Shanghai, please call my phone, should be free about free home insurance program.
- Walk in front of Shanghai life insurance online Email Subscribe to this blog Shanghai insurance third party financial management
    Shanghai Life Insurance Supermarket - Haize An insurance agent is on a major feature.
    Address: 179 West Zhongshan Road, Changning, Shanghai, 10th Floor, Block D (near Zhongshan Park Station)


--上海买保险 上海保险超市(集合市场上20多家保险公司的产品)
--团体保险:皇家太阳、太平洋、中国人民保险、友邦、华泰   等等。
--财产保险:太阳联合、美亚财险、丰泰财险、太平洋财险      等等。

--人永远不要忘记自己第一天的梦想,就是您的梦想是世界上最伟大的事 情就是帮助别人成功!
--秦华『 上海买保险』上海地区人寿保险规划师
-- 免费热线:13761630213, QQ:107242375,
-- 选择保险为了爱,为了一份坚定的承诺!
--上 海地区请直接拨打本人电话,应约免费上门提供免费保险方案。
--走在人寿保险的前端 上海投保在线 Email订阅本博客 上海买保险 第三方理财



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秦华 Shanghai Insurance Agent Shanghai life insurance
Service target:education plan/retirement plan/disease/accident/healthcare insurance/etc..
Free to contact『Shanghai』:13761630213, QQ:107242375
Life insurnace is for peace and love! MSN:
When you are in Shanghai and need insurance ,please feel free to contact us!>>           travel Insurance>>        Term life insurance>>     Accident Insurnce    

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