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Shanghai Term life insurance: China Taiping, China New Life , China Taikang, China life, 

Heath care insurance: AIG, AXA, Chubb.

Please call 13761630213 when you are in Shanghai , and have an face to fa

Shanghai Term life insurance: China Taiping, China New Life , China Taikang, China life,

Heath care insurance: AIG, AXA, Chubb.

Please call 13761630213 when you are in Shanghai , and have an face to face quotes.


秦华 Shanghai Insurance Agent Shanghai life insurance
Service target:education plan/retirement plan/disease/accident/healthcare insurance/etc..
Free to contact『Shanghai』:13761630213, QQ:107242375
Life insurnace is for peace and love! MSN:
When you are in Shanghai and need insurance ,please feel free to contact us!>>           travel Insurance>>        Term life insurance>>     Accident Insurnce    

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