Free Credit Card Applications After Bankruptcy

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Free credit card applications after bankruptcy are in great demand and you may be surprised to know still available. Many experts claim that an unsecured credit card after bankruptcy or for those with

Free credit card applications after bankruptcy are in great demand and you may be surprised to know still available. Many experts claim that an unsecured credit card after bankruptcy or for those with a damaged credit score is a great option for starting to rebuild your credit score. Now more than ever the numbers of those who are going through the bankruptcy process has never been higher. The records suggest that more people than ever before have a less than average credit score. The big named lenders may have stopped offering credit to those with damaged credit histories but credit is still available for most although you will pay a premium for the credit.

All Lenders who cater for those with below average credit scores do treat their customers as a bad risk compared to those with above average credit scores. Hence this is why you will pay at least a little more for your credit and your initial credit limit may be reduced. With regular repayments your credit score will improve and so will your credit level that is offered to you.

Some with a damaged credit rating may not want further exposure to credit so they opt for a secured credit card. These types of credit cards give you the same functions as credit / debit cards but without the exposure of unsecured credit. You use these cards by loading funds onto the card and use it as a normal credit card. You can use it to shop online or purchase fuel just as you would a normal card.

Think though before you take on more credit! Only take on credit you are sure you can afford!

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