How to Save Big on Gas

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SAVING that is what we are thinking of right now. With all the cost of commodities rising up, are there still ways that we can save? Hmmm…. Think think think… is there still a way to save especially

SAVING that is what we are thinking of right now. With all the cost of commodities rising up, are there still ways that we can save? Hmmm…. Think think think… is there still a way to save especially on gas that has been increasing its cost everyday? There is still a way to save big on gas. Here are some ways how:

1.    Keep your car fully maintained. Make sure that your car is well maintained, your oil is changed every 3 months, your tires are well inflated and your car is clean. This will help your car to work properly and the engine will not have a hard time running the car.
2.    Avoid those sudden stops, this will eat up all the energy stored in your car using a lot of gas. When the Traffic light goes on red try to stop your car slowly, that is why it is always said that you should keep distance from the car in front of you so that if it will stop suddenly you still have time to coast your car to that stop.
3.    In your car’s manual check the right octane level recommended for your car. Use what is recommended do not settle for a higher or lower octane level than recommended. But stick with what is recommended it will help your car work properly without doing specific adjustment.
4.    If you are on a traffic light and your car is on a stop for more than 2 minutes, turn it off. Having your car idle for more than 2 minutes eats up a lot of your gas. But if your on a stop for just a few seconds keep it on.
5.    There is no rush. Always drive smoothly and carefully. You don’t have to rush, didn’t you know that the more you speed up your car the more gas it eats up. So if you are going somewhere leave your house early so as not to get late and to arrive there on time without speeding up your car.
6.    All the junk in your trunk must be put away. Keep all those junks away from your car. These junks adds up a lot of weight to your car which causes your car to have a hard time moving. You may not feel it but the engine feels it and it needs extra effort to put the car on go. And what way can the engine have the extra effort is to eat up a lot of gas.
7.    Don’t rev your car. It has been our habit that before turning the car off we rev it up. But don’t you know that the more you rev the car before turning it off is where it uses up a lot of gas.
8.    Get a gas credit card. Its one way to save money on gas. With all the paying that you do on your gas in the end you get a cash back rewards which is a big savings to you.
9.    When stepping on the gas, step on it slowly don’t try to step on it until it reaches the lower end of the pedal. Step to it smoothly and carefully.

For more info see: Gas Credit Cards

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