Obamacare is a misnomer

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To the Editor:

To the Editor:

AARP sold out the very same people they claim to help &8211; the seniors, all for money. They are speaking out of both sides of their mouth. First they supported the Affordable Care Act (ACA), better known as Obamacare, knowing full well how it will negatively affect Medicare and Social Security, and then they tell you &8220;You&8217;ve Earned a Say&8221; was started by AARP in NJ to address the issues of Medicare and Social Security. What?

Insurance companies are in the business to make money and AARP sells a lot of insurance and will make lots of money by supporting the Affordable Care Act. Are the executives of AARP exempt from ACA/Obamacare, just like the President, Congressmen, Senators, and all their cronies? They are selling us something they don&8217;t even believe in or else they would not be exempt from it.

Some cts about Obmedicare supplemental insuranceamacare and seniors:

1) Free Annual Well Visit &8211; Certain tests like mammograms and colonoscopies will be paid 100% (before Obamacare, Medicare paid 80%). but you still pay for the doctor&8217;s visit. I saved a total of $26 in 2012 (with Affordable Care Act) as compared with 2010 (before Affordable Care Act) for a mammogram and doctor&8217;s visit.

2) Drug Program &8211; Someone will be paying for the so-called discounts and it won&8217;t be the pharmaceutical companies. It takes many years of research and development and lots of money to bring one drug to market. If you think the pharmaceutical companies are going to give you free/cheaper drugs because they want to be nice to you, you are very .

3) The negative impact has already started.

a) I have been informed by my secondary health insurance provider that, as a retiree, in 2013 they will need to cut a portion of the benefits from my insurance. It looks like I will be paying a whole lot more money next year with less benefits.

b) Medicare is cutting their payout to doctors by 27% which means we will have to buy more supplemental insurance which in turn makes insurance companies (like AARP) more profitable. It also means that doctors will be limiting how many Medicare patients they will accept, if they keep any at all.

The Medicare deductible was lowered in 2012 from $162 to $140 so you will think what a great job they are doing for you. Wait until after the election when Medicare&8217;s deductible will double. Is it going to triple in 2014?

Seniors did not receive any increase in Social Security benefits for the years 2010 and 2011. But in the election year 2012 we did receive a 3.6% increase, again so you will think what a great job they are doing. People tend to forget that we had to live on the same amount of money for 3 years, even though our expenses went up. (but our elected officials received a big raise each of those years.) Wait until after the election, when they again take away an increase and rob social security to pay for Obamacare.

We are now paying $1,199/year for medical insurance from Social Security &8211; what do you think it will be in 2013, 2014?

This ACA/Obamacare is all generated by greed. It is a misnomer &8211; it is not affordable.

They are handing us crumbs and will bleed us dry.

There is no free lunch.

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